DIY-Lovebook for DaWanda

  Do-it-yourself booklet I layouted for DaWanda. It consists of 50 pages showing the latest DIY trends, interviews with makers and much more. The booklet is based on several partnerships with companies and influencers. It was sent out to publishing houses all over the DACH-region.      
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All you knit is love

For the local wool shop Wollen Berlin I worked together with the shop owner on several tutorials and a new look for their wool bags. The bags are stamped either with all stamps (hat, sock, etc.) if the customer buys a ball of wool or if she’s buying a DIY kit to knit something specific, e.g. a pullover, exactly that stamp is used to show what’s inside. I talked to a lot of knitters and started knitting myself shortly before I started this project which helped a lot to get a feeling for what the customers like and need.  
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    I worked on several editions of the LoveMag, did layouts, illustrations, tutorials and edited the cover of several issues. For No. 5 which you see here I manipulated the image in a way that made it fit to the magazine’s coporate christmas colours. There was also a version where I used the model’s open eyes from another picture and shopped them into this one. It looked like she never closed them for the click. (I wish I’d know where this one version is now.) Next to the cover I edited a lot of other pictures in the issue and completely layouted the magazine’s DIY-part. I did similar jobs on other LOVEMAG editions.  
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