A checkout animation

The DaWanda checkout animation was a fun project I did inbetween bigger topics. The old animation had already a bad connotation ("Liesl is knitting and knitting and knitting, but I can not buy anything."). Furthermore it used ancient styles and colours not used on the website anymore. 

Creating a new one was a fun jump between the different Adobe programs and sketch.

I started with some scribbles, vectorized some of them and created storyboards to ask users and colleagues which one they can imagine on the website and which possibly could not work well in one of the countries DaWanda is operating in. The choice went to creating an animation showing the shaking hands which symbolize the emotional bond between buyer and seller.

I worked on longer and shorter, easier and more difficult versions to also see what it does to the file size. In the end because of that we went with the shorter version.