Guiding E-Mails for Sellers

DaWanda is sending out system mails in some occasions including  a user opening a shop. Especially there it’s important to guide the new seller through the first steps in her new shop space. When I took over the task to renew the shop opening system mails they weren’t touched since 2008 so I could really just use the old ones as a rough base.

To get deeper into the topic I scanned the NPS-feedback we had of new sellers, talked to users, did a journey mapping with them and consulted the company’s seller development department on a regular base. With collecting all the feedback and data I came up with new designs that are representing the latest DaWanda style according to the CI/CD styleguide. I also included precious tips that help the seller on her way to becoming an independant and successful DaWanda shop owner.

I reconsidered the mockups in regular talks with the product manager, the developers and the other stakeholders to get the best of it in the end.

Please be aware I had to blur some process pictures as they are confidential information.